Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO a Rwandan musician , performing artist and a Genocide survivor orphan in USA

Teacher , Promoter

and  Help

My existence is to praise God and help others.” These are the first words  Marie Claudine( a Rwandan musician &performing artist and a genocide survivor orphan ) tells everybody who asks her about why she spends so much time, crossing Brooklyn streets on a busy schedule as if she is a CEO of a highly recommended company, or Police Officer responding to an emergence phone call; Thus, being made in image of God, to her, means to help others. Therefore, Claudine volunteers at Fort Green Stuyvesant Heights Center , where she entertains Senior Citizens with African Cultural Dance and Arts. Besides that, Claudine also crosses the street by going to the Brooklyn Elementary School , where she also volunteers to teach these young children about African Culture (Dancing and performing arts on stage.) Claudine is also not remitted to entertain the public with the Rwandan and African arts of cultural dancing, poetry, fashion shows (especially in promoting the beauty of African attire, and African beauty in Western World. But the most beautiful of all is her foundation “Kuki Ndiho” and orphanages based in Kigali/Rwanda, in which she dedicated herself to find a safe place for street kids whom their parents were killed during Rwandan Genocide of 1994. I must not forget to tell you that Claudine is also a survivor of Genocide who is still trying to find the meaning of her existence: “Kuki Ndiho?” meaning “Why do I exist?
Our society needs people like Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO . Her everyday contribution to the community around her is the true definition of the question “Who is my neighbor?
May God bless her hands.

About Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO

"Nothing I say could come close to the poignancy of your voices, your songs, or the power of your heart-wrenching testimonials, some of which we will hear in a few minutes. Before I begin, I would like to thank Marie Claudine Mukamabano, for gracing us with such a moving song" . Said ; UN Secretary - General Ban Ki- moon's remarks at fifteenth commemoration of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in New York, 7 April 2009. Marie Claudine International Entreupreneur Awards Winer Marie-Claudine MUKAMABANO is a Dancer/Singer, Model, Actress, activist and the founder of “Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project” a Charitable ORGANIZATION dedicated to finding safe place for street kids who were orphaned by the horrendous Rwandan Genocide of 1994 and HIV/AIDS. Claudine is also a survivor of that Genocide, her family and fellow tribe members were violently killed around her,Marie Claudine Mukamabano today talks about the simple joy of being alive. She has traveled throughout Africa and other areas of the world, enjoining people of differing cultures to embrace their potential for survival and growth. Mukamabano is determined to educate people about HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty. September 20-21,2009 she founded PEACE RWANDA CONVENTION for the First time ever in Rwandan History. Please do somes activities to support her and her organization. Thank you
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