Summer 2010

At the same time, I’m working with an intern from City College University, who is going to Rwanda to work with KUKI NDIHO next week from June 26 to July 26, 2010.

We are very busy planning what she will be working on during this summer, and I’m helping her to understand her duties – as well as coordinating with the KUKI NDIHO Team in RWANDA about the KUKI NDIHO mission of helping the RWANDA ORPHANS.

In collaboration with KUKI NDIHO Consultant Dr.  Fred, from the University of South Africa, will be in RWANDA from July 8 to 18 2010 working on KUKI NDIHO projects as well.

I will working with new intern students from Texas University on my Foundation KUKI NDIHO/WHY I EXIST?/POURQUOI J’EXISTE?

I am also working on my artistic project/show next week with an American artist here in New York.

Courtney continues to help me with PR (public relations). She is working on booking me to different schools as well as reaching out to the media.

The KUKI NDIHO Team in Rwanda is working on implementing my mission with KUKI NDIHO as well as planning the next Peace Convention on September 21st – International Day for Peace.

Peace be with you.

Here in NY I ‘m collaborating with the UN. They want to invite me to participate in their Youth Convention on MDGs (Millennium Development Goals)

I’m working hard, and I’m fortunate to be making a wonderful progress.I thank God for allowing me to do so, and to have the energy as well as positive thinking in every single act or challenge.

Jessica is helping with fundraising for KUKI NDIHO this summer in San Francisco. After City College, she will continue.

In August my photographer Peter is organising a photography exhibition in CANADA. He has just get back from working with KUKI NDIHO in Rwanda and he spent time with our orphans at Gisimba orphanage

Peace be with you and I hope that you are doing fine.


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