It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are a beautiful, talented, dynamic woman! I am so impressed by you. We all loved having you hear and watching you perform. What an incredible experience for all of us! I have student testimonials for you. If you send me your address, I can send them to you.
Thank you so very much!
I look forward to speaking with you again soon and helping you to raise money and awareness for your foundation.
All my best. 
May God Bless!

Marie, I was so excited to meet you when you came to Mary Help of Christians Academy that in words I am not able to express how I felt. It was amazing to see you speak about the genocide with such calmness. I truly saw that in you there was peace. I am very grateful that I got the chance to meet you and I proudly wear the pin that you gave me. Once again thanks for coming to our school.

— Janiela Campusano, student

Hi it is Elisa Hack we met at church on Sunday. I know helping change the world can sometimes be a overwhelming task. If we all can choose one place to help then we can transform that one place in way we can. I choose Rwanda and I would like to support you in anyway I can.
Keep in touch,
— Elisa, student


Congratulations my friend. Keep up the good work!
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him.
— Rev. Alain L. Ndagijimana


Congratulations and please, never stop doing your things. This effort will benefit all of us and Rwanda as whole and for all in the future and I am very proud of you. Please, let us know if we can help on anything, providing some T-shirts that describe the event or something. In case you are interested, we can work on the design and provide you completed t-shirts at a very reasonable price.
— God Bless! Bill Ntwali



Salut! Mon Cheri n Christ…….My french is rusty LOL
It is truly my pleasure seeing you again.You have been on my mind for sometime now.
Sister! what a great job you’re doing spreading the Goodness (our Lord and Savior) in not only words but the deeds of your organizations and networks.Congratulations
From day one (when we met) I’ve been captivated by enthusiastic spirits,after enduring such atrocities.You’re such an encouragement,especially for someone in the body of Christ. Kuki Ndiho is a constant reminder for me,”But for the Grace of God”.
The children are so blessed,such beautiful faces.Sometimes it’s like looking the mirror.
I would like to keep in touch and possible do something together.
Pourquoi J’existe?     
Praise & GiveThanks


Jacquie O


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